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The emergence of the WCF platform announces the unification of all communications technologies provided by the .NET platform in a common foundation and so their decline, WCF’s adoption curve will be slow enterprise wide. So it is still safe bet to develop a library to leverage .NET 2.0 generics and SchemaImporterExtension mechanisms to offer a similar developer experience.

Such a library already exists to target web services communication (Asmx), it was developed by Christian Weyer but as opposed to the WCF ChannelFactory<TChannel>, his library doesn’t provide an effective mechanism to handle specific types during the proxy generation process. This is what is tackled by the ProxyFactory project in taking advantage of SchemaImporterExtension mechanisms. Now, alternative communication techonologies are targetted such as Remoting and WSE 3.0.

Check out this video for a quick demonstration of ProxyFactory.

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